Saturday, June 11, 2016

How Life Happens

There is a lot going on with me and the world in general these days. I have so much to share, please bear with me in all of the means and messages. For this particular moment, I have something to share regarding a strong reaction/influence of a show that I love on facebook...

But, before that...I am also diving deep back into creating art as a necessity for my soul. And I have created a new studio corner space:  One of the cats had to inspect it, of course.

Chef's Table episode 2.
Once I literally licked a magazine page because the advertising said “lick here”.
I am so full of sensory information from my upbringing in Africa. Yes, I am talking about Africa yet again.
But the potency of smells from my childhood are immediate time travelling triggers.
I have always wanted to somehow incorporate all of the senses into my art...touch, taste, smell, sight, hear.
All of these senses are so important,  and each one can instantly teleport you to either a new dimension, or an old one revisited through Nostalgia.

So, watching the “Chef’s Table, season 2, has reminded me of all of these elements. Also, you get to literally watch Unicorns being born through the telling of their life stories.

These are people who have gone to the Underworld and have resurfaced to tell a new story. The theme happens to be food. But it encompasses all of life...all of the senses in the grandest scale.

The first episode was dynamic. It touched upon invention, rejuvination, daring, peril, life cycles, ending and beginning,  and the force of looking Life and Death in the eye and saying, No. Defiance in the most beautiful expression. ..creativity. Asking questions. Daring to keep going in the most dire of circumstances. ..or possibility of circumstances.  
Enter:episode 2...A man wearing a shirt that says: Death Happens.

Delectable. Mind expanding.

A Yes to Life, because Life inevitably includes Death.  

So, the chef goes and takes a mind bending drug-induced trip and discovers the answer to what the meaning of life is. But the, he forgets. And is plagued by the fact that he cannot remember the answer. BUT...he has a dream…
He is shown a flower. And that the flower is the circle of life. And the most beautiful moment of the circle is the moment we live.

Fireworks. Awakeness.  Aliveness. YESSS!

Who is this person? Who is the documentarian who discovered all of these magic souls in the middle of everything?  

Oh My Heart, underneath everything, I feel it inside my bones. Everything is connected. The Earth, this planet we inhabit lives and breathes in and out.

And it is suffering a slow death on the macrocosm...the same way we suffer a slow death on the microcosm of working a corporate job, isolated from the breath of the earth, but at the same time connected as we pillage it's resources, one purchase at a time. We don't see that death enters into each meal we eat..whether it be meat or vegitation. We are pillaging our planet because we are not connected to it first hand. Homoginization is killing the flourishing of creative, diverse life on every level.

You keep watching episode 2 and you get to travel through the Underworld.  Through the story of deep personal struggle...of being an outsider, to the moment of realization of place and time and meaning.  
You get to feel how your crazy, individual experience of life matters. And you feel that surge of anger and disappointment of not belonging to the place and/or circumstance you find yourself in...up until you look in the mirror and realize you are “a tatooed man who is Brazilian “...or whatever you happen to be...and that is the empowering moment. You don't have to try and be anything other than who you are, who you were born to be.

The moment you realize this, is the moment you can tap into the deep well that is you. You are not unlike the flowers of your upbringing or the fish that swim in a certain sea. Except, you are a human in this time, and you get to choose.

You can embrace the knowing that comes from your bones, that formed there from the time you were born. You don't have to follow anyone else's path. Because your path is yours, and no one elses.

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