Monday, January 14, 2013

To New Beginnings...and more beginnings

It's the beginning of the new year, my favorite part. I have taken another picture of all of my little wood panels that I am priming....which I know look exactly like all the other pictures of wood panels I have primed in the past. But I can't get enough of new beginnings. I don't know why it is so difficult to start the process of new paintings, or drawings, or any creative endeavor. Especially since I know how great the feeling is of starting the process again. I have no idea what these paintings will turn into. I continue to work with the idea that it is an experiment, and to see what will happen. It's just like my life, really. And, nothing happens until I do something. You would think inspiration would come first, then the painting. But actually, it has proven to be the other way around. In painting and in life.
I have been stuck on one painting for a while, trying to bring it to life by painting and repainting it. I haven't succeeded yet in making the Supes painting the vision that I have in mind yet, but I am not ready to give up. I  am however taking a break from looking at it by starting these new wood panels. My hope is when I go back to it I will see it with new eyes. The painting at the top is how the painting was. Below that is an image of the layer of paint that is on the canvas now. My wish and desire is that the layer I paint next will be the one that breathes life into it.