Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Choose Hope

This painting is 16x20" done in water soluble oils. It's called "I Choose Hope" and it has those words scribbled in paint over and over again on the lower half of the painting. I was really interested in conveying light...choosing to look at light, at hope instead of the opposite. The image was originally taken from a reference photo of a sunset that I abstracted into an emotional landscape.


  1. Reminds me of the fiery blast of gas used to raise a hot air baloon. From the wicker basket, looking up, the flame is blinding then there is a long period of peaceful silence. Always enjoy your back stories. Wish I had been there to catch the feed back.


  2. I love to hear people's interpretations of my work and what they relate it to. Thanks for the feedback, I am glad you enjoy the back stories too. :)I got some great feedback...some people said it reminded them of Turner, that I should go bigger, that it was balanced because it followed the rule of thirds (I asked if people thought it was balanced because I felt like it was off balance, but not in a good way). Normally I love asymmetry but for some reason I wasn't sure about this one. Also, someone said they got stuck in this one spot below the horizon where the words are red. I love the critique sessions, they are so much fun.