Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I just started my arthouse co-op 2012 sketchbook. I will be updating images from the sketchbook as I go along, but I am excited about the beginning cover.  Painted gesso on the cover, then used India ink for the writing and finally created an ink transfer using gloss gel medium varnish (one of my favorite mediums). It's difficult to see in the photo, but I love the contrast of the matte rough cover, and the shiny slick ink transfer.


  1. Fantastic cover. Hope to get a chance to check the book out of the library! Is there a theme?


  2. Thanks! My theme for my sketchbook is "Forever in a Nutshell". Each person has a different theme for their sketchbooks. There is a library, and the sketchbooks travel around the U.S. to different cities...this batch will be touring around in 2012. Unfortunately they won't be coming through Florida this year. Here's the link to where they will go...

    I will also be posting pages in the sketchbook eventually.