Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The story man is finished. What would be interesting is for people to write down what story they heard him tell, and then send it to me. I know he tells a different story to each person he encounters.


  1. I had just landed and exited my spaceship when this majestic creature approached me. It felt like a dream, but it was real, very real. As I walked closer and closer the animal seemed further and further away. I began running, trying to catch this magical mystery on four legs with giant, jagged sticks flying from it's lobe area. The more I ran, the fogger it got and I felt scared and alone. Running as hard as I could I was suddenly trapped in the thick brush, unable to move. In my panicked state of mind I did not see the creature approaching me, when out of the fog it appeared, right before my very eyes! I was in awe, reaching out to touch it when I was suddenly rocked from the branches, falling, falling endlessly until I quickly awoke. Back in my spaceship, safe in my pod. "Man that was quite intense. I need to switch the modulator to the beach so I can get a good night sleep." Changing the dial to a two, I drifted back into dreamland as the sandy beach reached out for miles into the infant ocean of dreams and hopes and great expectations...When suddenly a girant tidal wave came crashing towards me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!