Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Destination Journal again...

I have missed a lot of Destination Journal sessions, which are a wonderful few hours where I purposefully work in my art journal. I have been going to Destination Journal sessions off and on for about four years now. Dina Mack, a wonderful mixed media artist, leads a group of us with inspiration and journaling techniques. She is the person who gave me my journal book, which is an atlas book of maps. I love maps for all sorts of reasons, and they are the backdrop for my journal entries. Each time we meet for DJ it's at a different place. This time we were planning to go to Leu Gardens, but because of the rain we relocated to Stardust. Sometimes I bring bits of things from my life...papers or tickets or create a journal page with, but this time I used a bit of Dina's shimmery ink and some of Summer's gold tape to create a view of the environment, with the colored lanterns strung across the ceiling, along with some scribbled thoughts.
The image of the airplane is from a few years ago...just another example of how I like to experiment in my journal. Every year my journal gets bigger as I add things to has several pockets in it as well, and I ripped out the spine a while ago to accommodate everything I want to put in it. I think I will start documenting how thick it is every year...looks to be about four inches this year.
I highly recommend Dina's Destination Journal sessions, they are always a lot of fun and we all share materials and techniques.

p.s. more India ink painting photos soon :)

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