Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Internal Landscapes

So, I have finally finished the cave painting. It's still so strange to me how mediums sometimes dictate how you paint, as well as the history of how you painted in that particular medium. Somehow when I painted this I kept reverting back to the way I used to paint with oil...very serious and very subtle colors. Once I figured out I was doing that though, I was able to continue and paint with all of the bright colors that I love now.

The original painting that I painted over was an internal landscape...I painted what I felt and it became a place. I have been thinking about internal, as well as emotional landscapes for a while now...and that is what this painting has become. I think of caves as places of safety and reflection, but there is also a vast open space full of energy and living growing things.

I have included two other images of my palette. I love the ritual of scraping old paint off the palette and starting over again. I am also about to re-stretch a couple of old paintings onto stretcher bars and begin new paintings. I am finding that the more old paintings I paint over the more liberated I feel in creating. Plus, I am recycling, which makes me feel like I am at least not destroying lots of new material resources.

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