Saturday, September 24, 2011

A New Cave

I have been looking at my painting for a while now, and just couldn't bring myself back to the painting. I finally figured out that I didn't enjoy looking at it. I had to ask myself, if  I don't enjoy looking at my painting, why would I ask anyone else to? Don't get me wrong, I am not painting only for an audience, but I am aware that I have a desire to share my expressions.
So, I repainted the cave into a space I wouldn't mind going in to. And now that I can look at it again, I will be able to come back to it and continue painting.
It's strange to me the way different mediums inspire different ways of working. I haven't figured out how to capture the immediate emotional intimacy in oil that I have done in India Ink. India Ink inspires a light and hopeful raw expression from me. Oil seems to create a heavy, tedious tendency to bring up every serious thing to the surface. If I could somehow merge these two things together, I might have something.

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