Friday, July 22, 2011

Second layer Deer painting

Day two, continuing with the deer painting. All still water soluble oil paints on canvas. 16x20". I like that water soluble oil can be mixed with water and water soluble linseed oil so I can get that messy drip line. The contrast between controlled shape and placement with haphazard brushstrokes and textures is something I am trying to keep. It's so easy to accidentally paint out the interesting textures by reworking a surface smooth.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New and Brave

I am still working on my cloud painting, but while I am in between layers I thought I would start a new one This time I am painting over an old already complete painting. I have lots of old oil paintings which I have held onto for years, including ones I don't really love. I always meant to paint over them but somehow never had the guts. I have to say, though, I should have done it ages ago. It's such a liberating feeling. Plus I find it an interesting contrast between my old style and color palette to my newer stuff. It doesn't seem an extreme bravery to paint over something, but I think sometimes it really is. Letting go of the past and diving into some unknown that could be much better or much worse than what you started with. Let's hope it turns out to be much better.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

                                                       layer 2
                                            layer 3
                                              layer 4

I have decided to keep evolving this painting for a while. It has gone through some dramatic changes since I began. I just started adding the clouds, and I am not sure if I am finished adding them or not. The main thing I am focusing on is color and just the act of painting itself. After spending so much time painting small ink paintings, I am enjoying the larger scale and the oils.