Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sneak peek

The lizard is a part of a piece that I have done for an art show at Dandelion in April. I will be showing with two other amazing artists...more details about that show later. The painting is colored India ink on gessoed wood panel. I will eventually post the whole painting, but I don't want to show you too much too far before the show.
The other photo is of my temporary art studio. I have recently moved again and I have a couple areas that I work in. Since the weather is so perfect these days, I thought I would set up on the porch. It has proven to be extremely inspiring, and I have been getting a lot of painting done. I am working in India ink and also in acrylic. My color palette has been shifting slightly, which I find fascinating since it wasn't intentional at all. Thank goodness for the subconscious mind, otherwise all of my art would probably turn out very similar and formulaic.

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