Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here is the fabulous poster that Bethany Myers created for our art show. Jennine Faubel, Bethany Myers and I will have our work up at Dandelion Community Cafe for the month of April. The opening is on Wed, April 6 from 7-10 pm. And, I thought I would include an image of the complete India ink painting. The title is "The Gatekeepers" and it's painted on gessoed wood panel, 5x7". I can't wait to see all of Bethany and Jennine's work!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sneak peek

The lizard is a part of a piece that I have done for an art show at Dandelion in April. I will be showing with two other amazing artists...more details about that show later. The painting is colored India ink on gessoed wood panel. I will eventually post the whole painting, but I don't want to show you too much too far before the show.
The other photo is of my temporary art studio. I have recently moved again and I have a couple areas that I work in. Since the weather is so perfect these days, I thought I would set up on the porch. It has proven to be extremely inspiring, and I have been getting a lot of painting done. I am working in India ink and also in acrylic. My color palette has been shifting slightly, which I find fascinating since it wasn't intentional at all. Thank goodness for the subconscious mind, otherwise all of my art would probably turn out very similar and formulaic.

Friday, March 18, 2011

another artist...

I have been inspired again by another artist, David Graeme Baker. He has these sublime oil paintings with soft edges and subtle colors. His "interiors" series inspires strong emotions and a very nostalgic feeling. I love to look at empty spaces that were once occupied by people. The people that were once there leave traces of themselves. David's paintings make you feel like you have secretly entered into the intimate space of someone's everyday life, almost as though you were a part of their life. His other work is very beautiful as well, but the interiors series paintings are the ones that spoke to me the most.

I am happy to be inspired by yet another artist. I am just beginning some new work at the moment, but it hasn't formed itself enough to be presented to the world. Soon, though, very soon.

And a quick note...two of my links to 'my favorite places to visit' were broken, but I fixed them now :) 'My brother's amazing art', and 'the best films' work now.