Monday, January 31, 2011

Another amazing Destination Journal session

Happy New Year! This was the perfect way to start off the year, being inspired by another Destination Journal. Dina once again led us through an artistic adventure, with spicy soup, old dictionaries, a fold out two layer box of perfect watercolor pencils in every shade you could imagine. This time DJ was hosted in a backdrop of Deborah's beautiful and packed full of inspiring art and objects house. Wood floors, huge bright paintings with bold shapes and bursting with energy. I was also inspired by a photograph on her wall, in the middle of a series of photographs all in a row. It was a photo of a tree with the middle two branches curving around to form an almond shape, which then turned out to mirror a leaf that Dina had given us to use in our creations. Some people were creating around a long dining room table, others (myself included) were spread out on the floor with pencils, markers, gel medium, magazines, scissors, leaves, thread, etc. My journal is still a book of maps that Dina gave me four years ago. I work in it sporadically, and the two pages you see above (plus one closeup) are from the DJ night at Deborah's house. I left that night feeling full of possibilities.