Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Finished paintings!

These are my finished paintings. Finally! They will slowly be available in my Etsy store. The paintings are all 5x7", India ink on gessoed wood panel. The titles are: "Two Suspicious People", "Two Joyful People", "Two Laughing People", "Pebbles Underwater", "Navigating Surprises" and "The Idea of Family." Send me a note if you would like to adopt any of these before they are posted on Etsy. And now to start making Christmas presents...

Monday, November 8, 2010

some new paintings

These are some paintings I have been working on lately. Back to India ink after an acrylic intermission. They are painted on the 5x7" gessoed wood panels that I love to work on with inks. I am playing around with a couple of characters in a few of them. They will be done soon, just some details here and there...

I have also been knitting a dress (for a while now), and crocheting a sweater for my dog--which is a work in progress. I like to switch between mediums and forms of creative activities. I really enjoy the rhythmic motion of knitting and crocheting, and weaving as well although I haven't woven anything for years. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

events and adventures

I went on an art adventure recently for a Destination Journal
session with the amazing artist Dina Mack. Every Destination
Journal is a sensory adventure to inspire us to create works of art (and/or writing) in our journals. I have been working on mine for years now, rather sporadically, but these sessions are always perfect to get back into it. This time we went to The Spice and Tea Exchange.It was a surreal adventure full of exotic spice smells in every blend or pure form you could want. We sampled two distinct spice blends mixed in olive oil with little pieces of bread. After exploring the warm timeless environment we all spread our art supplies on picnic cloths on the floor and dove into our journals. I can't wait to go to the next one.

My journal that I work in is an old book of maps which I ripped the spine out of to accommodate all of the things I like to put in it. So now it is tied together with a black cord. I also carry around scraps of pictures and words in a cellophane envelope tucked into the cord on the front cover that Dina gave me at a past Destination Journal session. I paste, rip, draw, paint, make pockets and fill them up, write and fold.

I am also working on some new art, which I will hopefully post pics of soon.