Sunday, June 6, 2010

detour for inspiration

I love maps. Have for a long long time. I bought this book (you are here) a long time ago, and just remembered it. I discovered this website today of artist Shannon Rankin, which reminded me of my love for maps.
When I lived in Colorado and I missed Nairobi so badly, I used to close my eyes and mentally travel around the city. I then drew maps of everything I could remember about the streets and roads of Nairobi. A few years ago I did a workshop where I ended up doing a series of abstract maps which were like a color and line representation of my day...where I went and how I felt were both reflected in the images. (You can see some examples of those in the images above).
Most recently I went to a workshop on journaling and ended up with an amazing old atlas full of maps to work in. Dina Mack, a local artist at the McRae Art Studios was the artist who generously donated the atlas to me in her workshop.

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