Monday, June 21, 2010

things i am working on

The painting with the branch in the middle of it is sitting on an easel and is nearly finished. It's of part of our house garden in the back yard. The title is "Where the Beans Will Grow", which is literally what it is. The lines attached to the branch in the middle are sisal strings which are connected to posts in the ground next to Lablab beans which will soon be growing up to the branch with the help of the string. The garden has already grown since I started this painting about a week ago. All edible food, all designed and created brilliantly by my brother Marabou (he also makes amazing videos, which you can watch on his youtube channel).

The painting with all of the random color and shape is the first layer of a painting in process which already has a second layer on it since this photo was taken. But since I have neglected my blog, I just had to post some new pics. I will be posting the in progress painting with new layers soon.

Also, both of these paintings are painted on wood panels which were rescued and recycled from my neighborhood. I am still working on refurbishing a few pieces of wood that I rescued from discarded furniture a couple weeks ago. I will hopefully be painting on those soon as well.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

detour for inspiration

I love maps. Have for a long long time. I bought this book (you are here) a long time ago, and just remembered it. I discovered this website today of artist Shannon Rankin, which reminded me of my love for maps.
When I lived in Colorado and I missed Nairobi so badly, I used to close my eyes and mentally travel around the city. I then drew maps of everything I could remember about the streets and roads of Nairobi. A few years ago I did a workshop where I ended up doing a series of abstract maps which were like a color and line representation of my day...where I went and how I felt were both reflected in the images. (You can see some examples of those in the images above).
Most recently I went to a workshop on journaling and ended up with an amazing old atlas full of maps to work in. Dina Mack, a local artist at the McRae Art Studios was the artist who generously donated the atlas to me in her workshop.