Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's been slow...

...getting back into my painting after focusing so intently on making Christmas presents, and then on other everyday living tasks. However, I have managed to start a new painting, and have been fooling around with the other two I started before. The breakfast one is in a strange place, suspended in mid-sentence visually. I like that textures are being built up and certain colors are becoming subdued but this one is a tug of war piece that I am in an argument with at the moment. (the first image below)

The earthworms (below) are starting to tell their own story, which actually seems more like some sort of dream they are having. This piece might turn out to be only their dream, I haven't decided if they are staying in the picture or not. The layers of color are starting to get interesting, though.
This is my newest piece(below), so far simple happy canaries . The colors are what I will be focusing on as far as this one evolves. You never know, though, lines sometimes beg you to tell a different story than how they were first presented.
I went to a fabulous art show today called Maidens and Monsters. It was all pulp fiction illustrations, fantasy and sci fi. So inspiring to see the dramatic figures and compositions. A lot of them were ink drawings and gouache(which I would like to start experimenting with now...or soon). So much detail and precision. Amazing art.

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