Monday, January 18, 2010

the continuing saga of these three paintings

Here we are again, with the same three images from yesterday. I am still working on these three simultaneously. I am happy with what's going on with the colors in this first one, but the subject matter is a debatable subject in itself. This one may take a radical turn, just like the earthworms have (see below).

So, the earthworms decided to be flying stingrays, after many reincarnated dreams. This one is very near the end of it's story.

I am contemplating words in this one (below). For some reason, most of the ink paintings and drawings I did on paper included words and scribbles, but when I started working on the wood panels it became more about images. The strange thing about these works is that I so wish to keep a fluid spontaneity, so stopping to ask if words should be in there or not seems really trite and planned. Of course, I think about the process, and stop to look at what I like and don't like about what is happening, but within each session or formal layer I still want it to have the energy of a freshly flung colored emotional outburst. Writing about it now, I guess I will wait to see if the words decide to arrive during my next session.

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